This week’s AI news 2023

This week, IBM announced plans to replace 7,800 jobs using AI. Yahoo Finance reports that back-office activities including HR would be halted. In five years, AI and automation might replace 30% of non-customer-facing positions. I think AI will generate new employment, make old ones more efficient, and establish new technological specializations.

Chat GPT, an AI-powered chatbot that helps kids with homework and research, is also gaining popularity. This change is hurting similar service providers.

Scientists passively scan minds using GPT. An experiment played audio on MRI machines. They interpreted brainwaves.

The scientists understood their thoughts, but not their exact words. Researchers worry that governments and companies may exploit this technology for spying. Their decoder requires human subjects’ participation, and brain-computer connections should preserve mental privacy.

Inflection AI, founded by LinkedIn co-founder Reed Hoffman and former DeepMind head Karine Simonian, debuted Pi, a chatbot. Pi acts as a personal assistant chatbot to help you plan meetings, arrange your calendar, and acquire new skills.

In conclusion, AI is advancing rapidly, and it’s amazing to observe how it’s affecting industries and our lives. As more firms use it, it’s crucial to understand its dangers and advantages and utilize it responsibly and for the greater good. Thanks again!

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