The in-Cumbria awards celebrate excellence in business 2023

Entries for this year’s prestigious in-Cumbria magazine business awards are already flooding in.

And Cumbrian businesses are exhorted not to pass up the opportunity to win awards such as Best SME of the Year, Best New Business of the Year, Business Person of the Year, and Flying the Flag for Cumbria.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 23 at The Halston in Carlisle, and entries are currently being accepted on across eleven categories, in addition to the prestigious Lifetime Contribution to Cumbria Award, which is selected by the in-Cumbria team. The submission deadline is June 26.

Jim Walker, who received the Lifetime Contribution to Cumbria Award, and Anand Puthran, CEO of Workington-based McMenon Engineering, who received the Businessperson of the Year award, were among the recipients from the previous year.

The presenter of the 2023 honors will be revealed shortly.

The annual business awards have always been a highlight of the magazine’s publication history, according to associate editor Sue Riley.

“As an event, it is a representation of the finest of Cumbrian commerce and a celebration of the county’s invention and innovation, just as the magazine strives to do in print. I encourage everyone to submit their entries as soon as possible, and I wish you all good success.”

The honors are organized by Newsquest Cumbria, which is based in Cumbria.

“This year’s in-Cumbria Business Awards promise to be a highlight of the events calendar – brilliantly showcasing the best in Cumbrian business innovation, creativity, and resilience,” said Newsquest Cumbria’s sales director, Emily Wood.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to shine a bright light on the unique and market-leading activities that take place in this special county, and we’re honored to assist the business community in celebrating all of its diverse achievements.

I exhort as many businesses as possible to enter; diversity and inclusion are essential for this year’s awards to be the finest ever!”

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