CARMA expands into Indonesia 2023

CARMA, a global organization that provides media analytics, has begun operations in Indonesia as part of its ongoing growth throughout Asia.

Andrew Nicholls, Managing Director of CARMA Asia, described Indonesia as both an important market for existing CARMA customers and a vital development prospect with “a vibrant media and PR industry.” Indonesia is one of the countries in which CARMA Asia sees the most scope for expansion.

Amira Kanifah has been given the responsibility of directing business development activities based in Jakarta. She has worked in market research for over 10 years in Asia for organizations such as Nielsen and Kantar. Her experience is very valuable.

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Nicholls continues by saying, “I’m looking forward to working with Amira in order to better serve our clients and support our expansion plans in Indonesia.” CARMA’s standing as an industry leader in software and research solutions will benefit from her proven track record in the market as a trusted advisor to many organizations, as well as her extensive local network.

CARMA is able to analyze social, digital, print, and broadcast data in over one hundred different languages because it blends the experience of researchers and media professionals with cutting-edge technology.

The services may be adapted to meet the specific needs of public relations teams, such as analyzing the efficacy of PR campaigns, conducting an analysis of the competitive environment, or keeping an eye on consumer mood.

The firm has clients from a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, defense, financial, and hotel industries, and it works throughout all five continents.

The Chief Executive Officer of CARMA Group, Mazen Nahawi, stated further that “Asia has shown tremendous growth for CARMA” and that “Asia has grown in a relatively short space of time to become one of our key markets, globally.” CARMA’s continued dedication to the area is shown in the company’s recent decision to expand its operations into Indonesia.

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