Bespoke International Group: Growing at an Unprecedented Rate 2023

During the fiscal year 2022/23, Bespoke International Group, a prominent provider of outsourcing and managed customer services, experienced remarkable growth in terms of headcount, revenue, and profit.

After four prosperous years in the industry, this company provides comprehensive omni-channel support services to businesses in the United Kingdom and around the world. Their state-of-the-art operational call centre in Durban, South Africa, accommodates to the requirements of partner organizations by effectively addressing and resolving customer inquiries to increase satisfaction and retention rates.

Mark Thomason, the Group CEO and one of the pioneers of the South African outsourcing industry paused from the fourth anniversary festivities to reflect on yet another exceptional year of growth.

I am pleased to announce another year of remarkable financial results.

For the fourth year in a succession, we have achieved substantial year-over-year growth, with an extraordinary 50% increase in our billable workforce. The acquisition of four new clients within the first five months of 2023 has been the propelling force behind this expansion, with additional brands expected to join us later this year.”

Bespoke’s status as a preferred partner in the Retail and Energy industries has enabled the company to align growth with strategic investments. “Our shareholders continue to demonstrate their faith in our company by investing in its growth.

Mark added, “This enables us to improve our infrastructure, technology, and management practices, thereby strengthening our value proposition to clients.” “We have an exceptional capacity for adaptability and scalability to satisfy the changing requirements of our clients. The confluence of our aspirations and the investments we receive guarantees that we will continue to do so well into the foreseeable future.

The continued success of Bespoke is not only a testament to their achievements, but also to the growth and development of the South African outsourcing industry. Bespoke is distinguished by its exceptional senior staff situated in the United Kingdom, which provides valuable face-to-face consultations during the onboarding process.

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