Bay’s two-month fishing restriction began today. 2023

In order to promote healthy fish reproduction, the prohibition will continue to take effect in the Bay of Bengal until the 23rd of July, while in the Sundarbans it will last until the 31st of August.

The notification that was distributed by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock states that there will be restrictions placed on the capture of all species of fish using water vessels and boats until the 23rd of July.

During this time period, the government would offer 12,000 fishermen from Bagerhat with 86 kg of rice apiece in two separate stages.

In addition, from the beginning of June until the end of August, no tourist boats of any type will be permitted in the Sundarbans. This is done to protect the fish that reproduce in the rivers and canals that are a part of the forest.

According to Mohammad Belayet Hossain, the Sundarbans East Zone Forest Divisional Officer, the government had previously imposed a three-month ban on tourism in the Sundarbans, and according to the decision of the government, no tourists will be allowed in the Sundarbans during this period for the purpose of ensuring the safe breeding of wild animals.

ASM Russel, who serves as the Fisheries Officer for the Bagerhat District, stated that the Fisheries Department will be stringent in its implementation of this restriction. In addition to that, drives will be carried out along the maritime boundary.

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