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We have been shewn some specimens of Lithography, executed by Messrs. Penman, Galbraith, and Campbell, who’ve lately arrived right here from London; and definitely for design and execution we by no means before noticed anything to surpass the ability displayed by these gentlemen. The accession of so much talent is decidedly an acquisition to the province, and can meet we doubt not with the patronage it deserves. GRAND ITALIAN CONCERT AT BURALL’S ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Will be assisted by an environment friendly Pianist and some first-class vocalists.

PIANOFORTES REPAIRED or Exchanged. Litolff and Glen, 172 Bourke-streot, above Russell-street. PIANOFORTES properly TUNED, &c. Litolff, previously eight years with Messrs. Broadwood. See also Isabel Throsby’s album, the contents of which have been collected across the same time and barely later. MR. GIRARD’s fantastic mill, adjoining Barker’s, is almost completed.

He left England for Melbourne in 1853 on the crusing ship Indian Queen, and he resided in the southern capital until 1862, when he got here to Sydney . A benefit concert was held on Tuesday within the Temperance Hall in the curiosity of Mrs. J. Gibbs, an old and revered member of the dramatic occupation, who has for a while past been incapacitated by sickness from following her vocation. The Baltimore Minstrels, together with Mr. G. H. Rogers, Mr. Hodge, Mrs. W. J. Cordner, and different professionals,

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John Lewis Jacobs. Apparently testifying to his instrumental proficiency, he went on to carry out in live shows for Spencer Wellington Wallace, playing a solo work by Heinrich Baermann (or his son Carl Baermann), and by early 1851 was himself chief of the band at Charles Axtelle’s circus in Currie-street.

A Biographical Register Of Australian Colonial Musical Personnel–g (ga-gly)

This young gentleman has only arrived recently from England, however from the agreeable expertise that he so amply possesses, we could safely predict to him numerous purposes for his presence at future convivialities in Adelaide . A collection of the musical pieces composed and revealed within the colony would kind quite a volume. We bear in mind to have seen the productions of Mrs. A. J. Murray, Signor Cutolo, Herr Linger, Miska Hauser, Mrs. H. F. Price, Messrs. Draeger, O. F. V. Reyher, E. K. Daniel, W. C. Oldham, H. Pounsett and J.

G. GASSNER, fiftieth (Queen’s Own) Regiment. Victoria Barracks, November 19. SIR – Gassner the First has issued a ukase to the impact that he won’t rating any extra music for the present, and inhibits further composition. The ukase, printed in your issue of yesterday, could be very severe on some of the unfortunate composers of the town; this musical monarch is graciously happy to disregard Horsley, Ellard, Loder, Marsh, Stanley, &c, for the chic works of Rayner, Anderson, and Neild.

Gabb then obtained hold of his coat, and it was solely by main force that he released himself from his grasp. The insulting language complained of was handed, to the bench on a slip of paper. Constable Duffy, who arrested Gabb, gave corroborative evidence. Mr. Gabb denied the language imputed to him,

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Have arrived, and will give a SERIES OF CONCERTS AT THE CORNWALL ROOMS, Commencing on MONDAY EVENING, NOV. 12TH, 1860, Consisting of Songs, Duetts, Chorusses, Burlesques, Dances, Instrumental Solos, &c., &c. OUR OWN MINSTRELS, Messrs. PORTER, SILVAIN, STEVENSON, and GERMONE, WILL shortly visit Paul MELODIA Collector, Bungendore, Queanbeyan, Cooma, Bombala, Nimitybelle, & en path to the Snowy River, at which place they are about to erect a theatre,

Tickets to be obtained at Mr. Sparke’s, Royal Hotel, and Mr. Ducro’s, Music Saloon, 28, Hunter-street. He went on to induce its adoption because the frequent property of all, from the king to the meanest topic, and he predicated that great blessings would accrue therefrom. The rev. gentleman’s lecture, which was frequently applauded throughout its delivery, was eloquent, allegorical, and highly fascinating throughout.

The orchestra underneath the leadership of Mr. Gabb, and strengthened by Mr. Johnson and some other musical veterans from Melbourne was to the solos and chorusses like a wealthy setting to the Diamond or Pearl, the glowing background to a sunny picture . We by no means heard the choir sing so properly together, and we’ll most likely not go far incorrect in giving Mr. I’Erson and Mr. Gabb some portion of the credit for this. The second concert of the Society, consisting of operatic and other choices, takes place this evening, when all the celebrities of final evening, and Madame Carandini as well as, will seem .

Knew Mr. Hogue for many years; at all times discovered him a trustworthy and very sober man; by no means heard something bad of him; retains a very respectable house. Mr. Purefoy known as as witnesses, Valentine Bridekirk, George Achurch, Thomas Abbott, the Rev. Frederick Wilkinson, William Lowe. Mr. Gabb, an old and experienced chief of orchestras, had been chosen chief of the society;

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