Wynwood attempts to revitalize its economic development engine 2023

To maintain Wynwood’s economic success as a global center for arts, innovation, and culture, the BID is renewing for 10 years.

Miami City Commission overwhelmingly renewed BID’s special assessment district on June 8. The resolution dedicated $1.7 million to the BID’s 2023-2024 budget for sidewalk beautification, clean team efforts, transportation, and signage.

Last Thursday, the commission authorized the BID to gather affidavits of support from business property owners to be included in the limits. Reestablishing the BID requires more than 50% property owner approval.

Affidavits are due Aug. 18. The commission will meet Sept. 14 to consider affidavit results and provide 30 days’ notice for Oct. 26 testimony.

The Wynwood BID was founded in 2013 to enhance the area and make it an international centre for innovation and culture with clean and secure streets. The Wynwood Arts District BID represents nearly 400 property owners on 50 city blocks. It improves security and cleanliness, promotes art, and promotes the area’s prosperity.

BID will be renewed for 10 years if most local business owners approve.

“We have managed to converge art, fashion and technology to create a neighborhood that has enabled locals, owners, artists and community members to work together to reinvigorate the district from its former manufacturing decline,” said Manny Gonzalez, BID executive director, in a May 24 letter to stakeholders requesting their support.

The Wynwood BID has made Miami’s most successful and self-sufficient neighborhood. Owners and companies have turned Wynwood into a pedestrian-friendly café and art neighborhood, supporting the local economy.

Tourism and property values have skyrocketed 2400% from 600,000 tourists in 2013 to over 15 million in 2023.

Wynwood now pays the most in municipal, county, and school taxes. The BID increased yearly assessments from $741,606 in 2013 to $21,663,756 in 2022.

In its first decade, the organization opened over 400 new businesses in the district, donated $3.5 million for 120 affordable housing units, built over 5,000 micro units to help with the youth and young adult housing crisis, donated and installed one-fifth of Miami’s security cameras since 2018, and maintained clean streets 365 days a year.

The district has led municipal officials in concept incubation. The first neighborhood redevelopment area, co-living law, and Wynwood Streetscape Master Plan are examples.

In 10 years, the district plans to install a Wynwood/Mid Town commuter rail station, neighborhood and highway wayfinding signage, reopen local Overtown/Wynwood I-95 exits, improve streetscape master plans, and upgrade Roberto Clemente Park.

The June 8 resolution authorized $1,705,752 for the BID’s 2023-2024 operations budget. The BID wants four office staffers and one extra clean team member with the funds. Seven people clean the district’s 47 blocks for 200 hours a week.

Office rent, supplies, utilities, security cameras, marketing, and streetscape improvements are also costs.

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