Why Do Bags and Luggage Made of Leather?

Throughout history, leather has been utilized to create a variety of goods, with bags being among the most popular. Leather is a popular material because of its well-known durability, style, and elegance.

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Leather is incredibly useful for everyday bags as well as luggage because of its strength and durability. Genuine leather is a strong, resilient material that develops character over time and can endure decades, so leather bags preserve your belongings and last a long time.

Leather is a very adaptable material, and leather bags are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and forms to suit a variety of purposes, including shopping and travel. Additionally, because genuine, high-quality leather never goes out of style, purchasing one virtually acts as a status or identification signal for certain individuals due to its upscale, svelte appearance.

Although it is necessary to clean and maintain the bag on a regular basis to preserve the leather’s condition, doing so is not too difficult. All that’s needed to get rid of dust and grime accumulation on the bag is a quick wipe down with a fresh, moist cloth. As an alternative, you might spend money on a product that works well for the bag and a conditioner to keep it pliable and from drying out.

Although leather is never completely waterproof unless treated, it is often naturally water resistant to the point where it won’t be destroyed and water won’t seep through to the lining if used in a light downpour. Leather is a porous material because it is derived from animal skin, which has pores along the surface that absorb moisture. This is particularly helpful for leather bags since it can increase their year-round functionality.

It’s reasonable to state that leather is one of the greatest materials for luggage and bags since it’s not only gorgeous and fashionable but also long-lasting and guaranteed to last.

Advantages of purchasing a leather purse

What Makes Leather?

Everyone knows that they adore leather accessories and products, so let’s face it…. Yes, indeed! therefore don’t believe that, despite the flourishing fashion business, leather has become fashionable in this century. In actuality, leather has been utilized by humans for a very long time to make clothing, objects, accessories, and more. In fact, the first known leather items date to 2200 BC. Alright, so you already know that leather goods are the greatest options, particularly for purses. However, are you truly aware of the true advantages of purchasing leather bags?… Okay, no need to worry… We’re going to go in and go over the qualities and advantages of this unique substance that has sustained its appeal for more than a century.

1. Durability & Flexibility: Leather is widely recognized for its resistance to wear and tear, which is one of the main reasons it’s a popular material for purses. You don’t have to worry about your leather handbag tearing when you use it every day. Its inherent flexibility also serves as a complimentary quality to its durability. Over time, it becomes flexible, giving its shape a distinctive form and allowing it to age gracefully without losing any of its fashionable appearance, form, or utility.

2. Natural & Eco-Friendly: Unlike other synthetic materials used to produce bags, leather is a natural resource. This implies that creating a leather bag uses less energy and pollutes the environment than creating a synthetic or imitation bag, which requires the use of additional chemicals. We feel good and can rest well knowing that leather is composed of natural materials rather than unidentified chemicals produced in labs.

3. Naturally Breathable & Waterproof: Should a sudden drizzle or light rain occur, your items within the leather bags will be somewhat protected. While we certainly don’t want to imply that nothing would happen if your bag ended itself completely submerged in water, it can proudly withstand wetness. Furthermore, leather breathes. This implies that it also combats unpleasant odors, fungal infections, dust mites, and dry abrasions—things that other faux leather or synthetic bags are susceptible to.

4- Long-Term Cost-Saver: You might be hesitant to purchase leather bags since you believe they are pricey. But once we do a quick calculation, you’ll see that spending a little more money on a real top-grain leather bag will end up saving you more money than on a low-quality, inexpensive one. For example, if you purchase our Amsterdam Briefcase for 489€, you will likely use it for an additional 10 years (or longer if you treat the leather well). This implies that you will only be spending 48,9€ year on it. Additionally, the cost per day is 0.21€ if you utilize it five workdays each week for a total of around 230 working days year. Therefore, for a wise consumer, that is unquestionably a worthwhile purchase and not overly costly. If not, you would have to replace your subpar bag around once a year, which would increase the cost significantly over time.

5. Stylish & Elegant: The first thing that everyone can agree upon is the distinct elegance and refinement of a leather bag. Whether it’s in red, navy blue, or the classic black hue, carrying a top-grain leather briefcase will make you seem and feel like the most sophisticated person in the conference room, on your business trip, and everywhere in between. Consider a handcrafted laptop backpack with exquisite detailing that you might wear to work or use for a pleasant daily commute. You would expect a laptop bag to be sleek and beautiful with a timeless design, right?

Okay, so we’ve covered the reasons you should select leather handbags. Next, we’ll discuss the reasons you should select backpacks from the London Collection or Evan Red briefcases from the Amsterdam Collection.

First of all, since our briefcases and handbags are all made of top-grain leather, our bags have all of the lovely qualities and advantages we’ve mentioned above. However, what sets our bags apart is how they combine a chic, classic style with a useful, inside pocket. This is a significant issue since, as a working professional, you probably already know that you search for more than simply style when purchasing a laptop bag. It also needs to work. Or perhaps flip that around—it could be useful, but it’s just too far gone to ever be considered stylish? For this reason alone, our bags are the ideal selections for you!…

The clever and meticulous Dutch design and creativity that goes into Evan Red bags is evident. Its distinctive cut will set off your look, and its detachable straps will provide comfort and versatility when using it. The protective feet will ensure that your bag and its contents remain balanced at all times, and the padded pockets with their distinctive contrast orange lining will safeguard your valuables while exuding a sense of luxury and quality.

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