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ADELPHI, St James – Councillor Mark McGann (Jamaica Labour Party, Somerton Division) is urging more businesses to invest in Adelphi. He cites the community’s recently opened health center, its still-relatively-new police station after an upgrade in 2021, the relatively low crime rate, and the modest increase in economic activity.

“Investing in this community is prudent. Come in, it’s relatively calm! We are ready for the investment,” he told the Jamaica Observer. “It is available, there are people relocating here, and there are spaces and land available.”

As the region is “heavily invested in agriculture,” he said that a fueling station, a wholesaler, and an agricultural store may do well.

The council member urged the business community to introduce the aforementioned amenities to Adelphi.

He is encouraged by the ongoing roadwork, persuaded that enhanced infrastructure will increase the community’s appeal. He believes that the area is primed for development by astute private sector members.

“We’ve had a large influx of new residents, the majority of whom are middle-class professionals. “Many people are moving to the area as a result of Adelphi’s connections to Falmouth and Montego Bay,” McGann told Observer West.

“We have six elementary schools, and if you ask the principals of those schools, they will tell you that in the past year and continuing into this year, they have received more inquiries from parents about enrolling their children than ever before. People are migrating into the neighborhood, he continued.

The locally elected official stated that he has seen indications of business community interest, but he hopes for more.

“Since January, two new restaurants have opened, and a Chinese man has moved into the neighborhood and opened a wholesale,” he said. “Adelphi is once again becoming what it was when, a very long time ago, sugar was king.”

McGann stated that Adelphi is attractive because it is “relatively safe” in contrast to other areas of St. James and the adjacent parish of Hanover, which have recently experienced a rise in crime.

“There are currently 17 officers stationed at the Adelphia police station. We cannot say it is adequate given the current situation, but the area is comparatively secure,” he assured.

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