Rajasthan: Degana Lithium Reserves Found, Second After Jammu And Kashmir 2023

Rajasthan possesses India’s second lithium resource. Mobiles, laptops, and other battery-operated gadgets require lithium, a demanding metal.

Lithium, the world’s softest and lightest metal, is used to make battery-powered electronics. With the rise of such gadgets, this metal is now termed “white gold” due to global demand. One ton of lithium costs Rs 57.36 lakhs globally, according to reports.

China controlled lithium supplies as India had no deposits.

Lithium was discovered in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi area on February 9 with 5.9 million tonnes worth $410 billion. Further investigations are needed to determine if mining is possible.

Lithium was discovered lately in Degana. “Exploration was completed in March in a couple of blocks,” a top Rajasthan geologist told the reporters. But testing, analysis, and 4-5 months will be needed to assess lithium concentration and if mining would be profitable.”

This resource is reportedly pre-mining, so officials won’t know how much lithium is in it until additional exploration. According to studies, this area’s two deposits can supply 80% of India’s lithium needs if mined. Rajasthan may also get affluent.

According to reports, the resource was identified in Revant Hill, where tungsten material was sent nationwide to produce weaponry and medical equipment.

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