Norwich: Lauren Yaxley explains combining business and kids 2023

Lauren Yaxley went from freelancer to agency owner and mother of two in a decade. Lauren says establishing her business as a mother was sometimes hard, always a juggle, but worth it.

After my grandfather died unexpectedly in 2013, freelancing felt like a chance to proceed at my own speed.

I became hooked on being my own boss and started subcontracting to other creative writers—one developed into two, two into three, and so on.

I had my kid in 2017 and imagined I’d spend the following several years in infant bliss.

I struggled to give up my business.

I realized that wanting to work was part of my identity as a working mom.

In 2020, the epidemic birthed my daughter.

My business nearly collapsed because to Covid-19, but this forced but delightful maternity break.

As the globe eventually recovered and my daughter entered childcare a few days a week, I could get back to work.

However, becoming a mother of two redefined “mum guilt.” Mom guilt is like a cup with a little hole.

I recharge by spending time with other working moms who share my drive.

Today, women have varied roles in the world.

I know I have the right to work, but I always wonder if what I’m doing is right for my kids and my business.

That’s when I need folks who support me and remind me that writing that email or completing phonics at night is what matters most at that moment.

I love practicing what I preach and giving flexible positions for working parents.

I don’t let work interfere with nativity performances or sports days.

If I leave early to watch my son play a pterodactyl in a school play, the rest of the team should record those moments too.

I think about the next 10 years and my legacy as I look back.

My legacy may not be the business but giving my children the confidence to achieve something amazing from nothing.

I aspire to declare, like mid-nineties emo-slash-grunge band Green Day, “For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while” when I’m old and grey. Unexpected yet correct. I enjoyed myself.”

You can do this, working moms.

*Lauren Yaxley is chief copywriter and content marketer at Norwich-based LY Copywriting Ltd.

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