“Magic” Mushrooms: What Are They?

Psilocybin and psilocyn, which are chemicals that might induce hallucinations, are present in some types of mushrooms. When taken in sufficient quantities, these mushrooms have resemblance to the effects of the drug LSD.

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What Other Names Do Mushrooms Go By?

Mushies, magic mushrooms, and shrooms

What Is The Use Of “Magic” Mushrooms?

Dried or fresh mushrooms have the potential to cause hallucinations. They are consumed as medications by eating them, combining them with food to hide their bitter flavor, or steeping them in tea.

How Can “Magic” Mushrooms Help?

After 30 to 45 minutes, mushrooms usually start to have an impact. They have a six-hour maximum duration. Usually, excessive yawning and nausea are the first symptoms to appear. Following these first effects, the “trip” starts.

A modest excursion might make someone feel at ease or sleepy. However, heavier or larger amounts of mushrooms can cause uneasiness, anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. The individual could experience a warped perception of space, time, and reality. An excessive dosage may result in psychosis, a chronic mental illness.

Every mushroom trip might be different in terms of duration and intensity. It is contingent upon the potency of the mushrooms and the quantity consumed. The user’s expectations, disposition, and attitude all influence how a trip goes.

While some excursions could be delightful, others might cause panic attacks, extreme paranoia, terrible thoughts of losing control, and worries of dying. It’s really difficult to anticipate what kind of trip any person may experience when using mushrooms. Furthermore, a poor journey cannot be stopped until it has finished, which may take many hours.

Mushrooms can have the following physical effects:

vomiting and nausea

elevated blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate

weakened muscles


inability to coordinate

dilated eyes

Rarely, if a person consumes a significant quantity of mushrooms, the adverse consequences may be fatal.

Some people who use mushrooms report experiencing flashbacks, in which they experience a portion of a post-high drug session. Flashbacks can strike at any time. These might appear days or even months after consuming mushrooms.

It’s difficult to gauge the potency of mushrooms. Purchasing mushrooms carries additional danger because some are highly deadly while others are used as drugs: Many types of mushrooms have the power to kill or severely sicken humans.

People who use hallucinogenic mushrooms may experience nausea or stomach pains. They also cause diarrhea in certain people.

Driving while under the influence of mushrooms is likely to result in accidents since they change one’s sense of reality and impair judgment.

How does it appear?

Pickers often confuse dangerous mushrooms for “magic mushrooms” because they have a striking resemblance in appearance. After consuming a deadly fungus, some people have become very sick or have even passed away.

It’s common to find magic mushrooms either dry or uncooked. The two most prevalent varieties in the UK are fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) and liberty caps (Psilocybe semilanceata).

Liberty caps like tiny, brown mushrooms.

Fly agarics resemble toadstools with red and white spots.

It’s critical to understand that not all magic mushrooms are created equal. For instance, fly agaric mushrooms tend to have higher potencies than liberty cap mushrooms.

There’s also liquid psilocybin, which can be taken like magic mushrooms. It is a clearish pale brown color that is produced by extracting psilocybin, a naturally occurring hallucinogenic chemical found in mushrooms such as liberty caps. There are vials (little bottles) of it.

How does it smell or taste?

Liberty caps are often consumed raw, possessing a robust earthy flavor and a chewy, rubber-like texture.

They don’t taste like the mushrooms you prepare at home, and some people try adding them to tea or omelets to mask the flavor.

How is it received by others?

By consuming it

Liberty caps are often consumed fresh after harvesting or dried and preserved. Since fly agaric mushrooms can cause severe nausea, people generally avoid eating them fresh.

By sipping it

Dried mushrooms are used by certain people to brew tea.

ingesting liquid psilocybin drops

Psilocybin, a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance found in mushrooms such as liberty caps, is extracted to create liquid psilocybin.

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