LGBTQ+ Businesss Travel is Ready to Depart 2023

In Pride Month 2023, a poll* of 262 European travel and procurement managers found that LGBTQIA+ travel programs had increased significantly over last year.

43 percent of programs (compared to 26 percent last year) provide for LGBTQIA+ people, and 23 percent (8 percent in 2022) aim to before the year is up.

The research shows that only neurodiverse persons are worse off than LGBTQIA+ people.

 Yes 2023 Yes 2022 No We plan to – 2023 It’s too expensive 
LGBTQ+ 43 26 22 23 10 
Solo women 45 42 30 21 3 
Marginalised communities (faith, race, religion)  50 31 25 18 8 
People with accessibility requirements 48 47 19 19 13 
Younger people 54 30 21 19 2 
Older people  47 31 21 25 6 
Neurodiverse people 39 – 22 38 10

In 2022, 3.1% of British adults were LGB, up from 2.2% in 2019. New Census results shows 250,000 more transgender persons in England and Wales. One in five British LGB individuals and two in five trans people were victims of hate crimes last year. (Stonewall).

“We’re glad to see a big increase in European travel programs making changes to their policies to consider LGBTQIA+ travellers, as well as younger and older travellers, those with accessibility needs, and people from communities marginalized by race and religion,” said BTN Group Executive President Louis Magliaro.

It’s time for LGBTQ+ business travel to take off

“We hope this trend toward supporting the diverse needs of all individual travellers will continue, and our conference content can help travel managers learn best practices to enhance inclusion and equity.”

Scott Davies, CEO, ITM: “It is encouraging to see the growing trend in travel programs making provision for the diverse needs of individual travellers. According to a Pulse Check of ITM’s purchasing members, 50% of respondents claimed their travel policy currently accommodates accessible travelers.

ITM supports neurodiverse and mental health travelers and event participants. Following a wellness survey of our members to assess their comfort, happiness, and anxiety during events, we have increased our commitment in this area. Several ITM programs help neurodivergent persons and offer travel managers practical strategies.”

Donna Joines, General Manager, Corporate Traveller UK: “We value all our customers and recognize social injustice. Business travelers should discuss destination and travel program problems with their adviser early on. As soon as we know, our professionals can advise and book.

“Being aware that we must adapt and consider things we may not in the UK is very important for our customers’ peace of mind. For instance, if a traveler identifies as LGBTQ+ and needs to travel to a country with different laws from the UK, we can book them into accommodation where they will be respected and supported with all the facilities they need to feel safe.

On Wednesday, June 28, Business Travel Show Europe will conduct an open Fundamentals session called Safety and security – a best practice guide for beginners with Stuart Birkin, General Manager Scotland – CTM, and Beth Sarmiento, Associate Procurement & Travel Director – Global Payments.

Business Travel Show Europe polled

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