First-Ever Tequila Patrón 2023

Patrón has kept up with its rising popularity by expanding its brand continuously. The company has endeared itself to the tequila community by providing a product with robust flavors — something that was surely no accident. Patrón employs a tahona, a wheel made of volcanic rock, to crush their cooked agave.

“We do it this way to add complexity to the tequila,” Antonio Rodriguez, the director of the production at Patrón, told Spirited in 2017 in regard to the production of their alcoholic beverage. “The method requires more time, labor, and expense, but our objective is not to complete the task more quickly or for less money,” he continued.

Patrón has experimented with numerous flavor profiles and limited distributions over the years. The brand offers, among others, Patrón Aejo Sherry Cask, an aejo tequila aged in sherry casks; Gran Patrón Smoky Tequila, which is smoked with mesquite; and Patrón Citronage Orange Liqueur. Using agave from the Hacienda Patrón distillery, their Patrón Estate is a limited-edition tequila with a more robust flavor than their original products.

The brand introduced Patrón El Cielo Silver Tequila, which is the first Patrón tequila to be distilled four times, in an effort to create a product with an exceptionally delicate flavor.Patrón introduced the new flavor just prior to summer and believes it combines well with warm summer days and evenings. El Cielo’s rare four distillations distinguish it from other tequilas, but also make it a target for tequila purists.

Why the additional distillation caused consternation

At $129.99 for a 750mL bottle, Patrón El Cielo Silver Tequila is more expensive than many of the brand’s other offerings due to its four distillations. Despite being more heavily distilled than other expressions, El Cielo’s 40% alcohol content still delivers a wallop.

Extra distillation is what distinguishes El Cielo as a distinct Patrón release, but it was also a source of contention. Higher distillation reduces the alcohol’s bite and is typically designated for milder liquors. David Rodriguez, the company’s master distiller, stated during an exclusive sampling that a tequila with a fourth distillation is essentially a vodka. However, Patrón was confident that the additional distillations helped to accentuate other characteristics of its tequila, such as “notes of citrus and black pepper.”

Typically, Patrón double- or triple-distills their tequila, but the company believed they had discovered something special with this uncommon method.Rodriguez believed that using a copper vessel for the fourth distillation enhanced the citrus flavor of El Cielo. In a statement defending the release, Rodriguez said, per Robb Report, that adding a second distillation stage is commonly misunderstood as a cause of flavor dilution.

However, this was not the case with El Cielo.According to Patrón, the quadruple distillation of El Cielo accentuated the agave flavor while emphasizing the sweetness of the tequila.When El Cielo was made available to the public, admirers responded enthusiastically.

The optimal method for consuming Patrón El Cielo Silver Tequila

As mentioned previously, Patrón El Cielo Silver Tequila has prominent citrus overtones. Patrón believes the release is best suited for savoring, but if a pure spirit is too powerful for your taste, the company suggests serving it on the rocks with an orange slice. This will make the tequila simpler to consume while emphasizing the fresh end of the expression.

One admirer favored the four-time-distilled tequila over other premium tequilas in the initial receptions. “Patrón El Cielo over 1942,” tweeted the tequila enthusiast. The number of distillations may have piqued the interest of tequila connoisseurs, but the design of the El Cielo bottle generated the most excitement among admirers.

The streamlined, transparent container has minimal gold lettering and a gold foil cap, and is packaged in a platinum-white case with gold lettering. When Patrón uploaded a photo of the new container on Twitter, a fan exclaimed, “Wow, what a beautiful bottle!” “It’s enough to make a grown man cry,” added a second individual.

With El Cielo’s silky end and eye-catching container, Patrón appears to have struck gold with yet another innovative take on their tried-and-true tequila recipe.

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