Fernando Ramirez scholarship renamed 2023

A local scholarship has been renamed in remembrance of a guy who was an activist for the Hispanic community. This change was made in honor of the individual’s passing.

On Monday, the Hispanic Business Association of Southeast Texas made the announcement that the application period for the Fernando Ramirez Memorial Scholarships, which are being financed by the Wendler Law Group, will remain available through July 15.

The legal practice will provide financial assistance in the form of three scholarships, each worth $500, to recent high school graduates, college students, and working people who are interested in furthering their education. Register for our free email newsletter here.

Immigration attorney Kristy Wendler of the Wendler Law Group stated that she felt compelled to recognize Ramirez since he was such a strong advocate for immigrants, having taught citizenship classes, English lessons, through his radio program, and in a variety of other ways.

Scholarship named after Hispanic advocate Fernando Ramirez

“We want to honor him and his memory,” Welder stated. “Welder” At Welder law, we counted him among our closest of friends. During Camino al Exito, the Hispanic Business Association gives such scholarships, according to Erika Banda Meza, executive director of the Hispanic Business Association.

According to what she claimed, the scholarships are currently given out in memory of Ramirez and have expanded to a total of three $500 awards. The applicant must be a resident of Southeast Texas, provide an identification card, and answer a series of questions in order to be considered for the scholarships. The candidates were given an essay to write a year ago, but this year they will be given a series of questions to answer.

You can find the link to the application on the SETX Facebook page under the section titled “Eventos, Negocios y Lugares” (which translates to “Events, Businesses, and Places in SETX”). Meza indicated that the group will also make a modest grant available to businesses.

In the later part of this week, further information will be made available through the organization. The death of Fernando Ramirez occurred in January. It was his company, ORTA Hispanic Media, that he owned.

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