Co.dx 3.0 from TheMathCompany Improves Business Application and Workflow Configuration 2023

TheMathCompany, a global leader in data analytics and engineering with headquarters in Illinois, has released Co.dx 3.0, the most recent iteration of its proprietary platform. The innovative feature of Co.dx 3.0 is the Enhanced Business Application and Workflow Configuration Capability, which is currently pending patent and promises to facilitate the rapid and scalable development of new applications.

Version 3.0 of Co.dx represents a significant milestone for the platform. This release is anticipated to expedite app development, save time and effort, enhance the user experience, and optimize infrastructure for increased productivity.

Co.dx 3.0 simplifies data consumption and offers speed and scalability for large companies.

Co.dx 3.0 seeks to improve real-time collaboration, accelerate prototyping, reduce diagnostic efforts, and enable the incorporation of custom components and connectors for a more personalized experience. This release also enables users to duplicate existing applications, saving them time and effort. In addition, the feature of tailored access control ensures the security of the application.

Anuj Krishna, co-founder, and chief product officer at TheMathCompany, stated, “Our customers are looking for data and analytics programs that are self-sufficient. MathCo recognizes this need and is committed to establishing a foundation of intelligence that students can own and activate independently.

TheMathCompany’s Chief Technology Officer, Shridhar Guntury, stated, “We launched Co.dx to help our clients achieve their objectives more quickly and efficiently, and Co.dx 3.0 is a significant step in that regard. The most recent release facilitates the linkage of assets across functions, thereby facilitating the organization-wide adoption of holistic decisions.

We are thrilled to provide more value and functionality to the expanding Co.dx user base. Throughout the data-to-decisions lifecycle, the new release provides benefits to diverse personas, including data scientists, engineers, project managers, and business executives.

Co.dx is TheMathCompany’s proprietary AI/ML platform that facilitates the development of business-contextualized data assets. It addresses problems ranging from data extraction to feature engineering to algorithm development and beyond. It is designed to ensure that every stakeholder is endowed with the necessary intelligence to make prompt and effective decisions.

Concerning TheMathCompany TheMathCompany is a global data analytics and engineering firm that collaborates with Fortune 500 and comparable organizations to improve their analytics capabilities by leveraging IP-led assets, talent, and processes to deliver accelerated and human-centric solutions.

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