BRICS Business Council engages Nigeria to develop African prospects 2023

To increase trade and investment in Africa, the South African BRICS Business Council will engage Nigerian corporations and private sector participants.

In a virtual interview with NAN Tuesday in Abuja, council chairwoman Busi Mabuza said this.
She would visit Nigeria in July to work with appropriate partners, she said.

Mabuza said Nigeria was crucial to the continent and had one of the most entrepreneurial cultures and experiences in the world.

She said South Africa expected a large Nigerian delegation to the 2023 BRICS conference in Johannesburg in August due to Nigeria’s prominence.

“On July 4 and 5, I’ll meet with business leaders in Nigeria to ask them to help us show off Africa’s best.

“We cannot do that without Nigeria, the business people, from the continent,” she remarked.

Even though Nigeria was oil-dependent, Mabuza praised its other areas.

She wants Nigeria to share its success secret with other countries in the area.

Mabuza believes that making the agriculture industry appealing, inventive, and enabling for Small Medium Enterprises will attract the younger generation.

In agribusiness, there are tremendous potential throughout all value chains.

“Technical support to rural-based Small and Medium Enterprises is absolutely critical. India is very similar to us.

“These players need financial support and market access. So common agricultural parks are crucial.

Due to its expense, agric-technology is another area small businesses cannot focus on. So, many lessons and incredible curiosity.

Last year, India announced a two-billion-dollar investment in its agroparks because they can succeed.

“And we believe that as an African continent, we are going to be attracting the investments if we can implement of this,” Mabuza added.
Mabuza said that Nigeria joining the BRICS would be great.

She stated that several nations have approached the BRICS grouping to join and expand.

“Nigeria is an important, critical anchor to the African countries,” she remarked.

Mabuza remarked that the new administration in Nigeria, which focused on strengthening the economy, was expected to have an expanding growth rate, like India had after her reforms.

Mabuza stated Africa should become self-sufficient after the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine war.

NAN reports the 2013 BRICS Summit formed the BRICS Business Council.

25 notable entrepreneurs from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa represent BRICS businesses and sectors on the Council.

At the Summit, BRICS leaders receive the final report from the twice-yearly meeting.

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