Bowling Green staple eatery understaffed 2023

As a child, Madison West frequented Pagliai’s in Bowling Green.

West stated, “I attribute this location to where I grew up.” “My parents and grandparents took me here.”

The Bowling Green high school senior was employed at age 17 after West expressed interest in working at the establishment. Madison, now 24 years old, worked her way up to manager.

In the past few years, West has endured the COVID-19 pandemic, the 50th anniversary of the business, and the passing of proprietor George Nicholson.

West stated, “It’s not something I ever want to see occur.”

Last week, however, the restaurant posted on its Facebook page that it was in dire need of assistance, fearing it would be unable to operate after the weekend. West stated that the restaurant has scarcely survived.

She claims that the restaurant’s lack of staff is making it increasingly difficult to operate routinely.

“It’s absolutely insane,” West said. “We have one individual who must act as if they are three to compensate for the people we lack. It’s a tall order, but it must be met in order to continue.”

West attributes a portion of the lack of assistance to the increasing number of restaurants with competitive wages in the area, as well as the dearth of available and willing workers.

West stated, “As a small business, we simply cannot compete with other companies that offer incredibly competitive wages.”

Kade Nye, an employee, stated that the supper rush can burden the already-thin staff.

Nye stated, “We’re all just doing what’s necessary.” We’ll get through the congestion, and then we’ll celebrate.”

West stated that a small number of employees are prepared to work all seven days of the week to keep the business operating, but she is unsure how much longer it can continue to function with so few people.

West stated, “There are many of us who are so devoted and committed to the location that this will not occur.”

West added that since the store’s Facebook post, they have received multiple applications, which she expects to convert into employees as soon as possible.

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