An inkjet cartridge: what is it?

The ink used in inkjet cartridges is dye-based and is dissolved in either water or glycol. These cartridges use a nozzle to precisely spray small amounts of liquid onto paper. Microchips that are integrated inside the inkjet cartridges regulate the ink spray to provide precise printing. Thick ink from these cartridges works well for printing papers and photos at home. About 300–400 pages may be printed with a single cartridge. These printers are capable of printing on a wide range of materials, including textiles and glossy sheets.

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Compared to laser and ink tank printers, inkjet printers are far less expensive and more portable. On the other hand, inkjet cartridges are quite costly. Cartridge costs may occasionally exceed the cost of the printer itself. Because of their sealed construction, the majority of these cartridges cannot be refilled. After several months, the thick ink in inkjet cartridges might dry out and become worthless. When combined, all of these factors might make using an inkjet printer quite costly if not in use.

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