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Are you considering getting your eyebrows tattooed because they’ve turned into your worst nightmare? Are you sick of using pencils to fill in your eyebrows every day? Are you afraid you’ll destroy your pencil-thin eyebrows by going to the pool? Or perhaps you just have hair loss in your eyebrows and are unsure on how to handle it?

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If any of the aforementioned apply to you, this is most likely how you found yourself here. You are at the correct spot, so don’t worry. We’ll cover all you need to know about eyebrow tattooing in this post, including costs, procedures, side effects, and a ton of other advice.

What what is a tattoo on the eyebrow?

Everyone has heard of or seen images of skin-art tattooed on others. We might even get a tattoo ourselves on our arm or hand. The main differences between a body tattoo and an eyebrow tattoo are the artist’s completion of the contour of your eyebrow and the lesser depth at which the pigments reach the skin’s dermal layer. Your eyebrows will appear larger and fuller thanks to the technique used for the eyebrow tattoo.

The substance used for eyebrow tattoos is called cosmetic tattoo ink or pigment, and it differs from body tattoo ink. Because of its molecular makeup, cosmetic tattoo ink will ultimately fade more than body ink.

tattoo on the eyebrows? Microblading? What is micropigmentation? Which one is it?

Very Perplexed? You are quite entitled to be. With thousands of articles online offering varying degrees of detail on each, we too would be perplexed. However, we will finally resolve this matter for you. Tattooing is any method of applying color to your skin. Thus, strictly speaking, eyebrow tattooing procedures done with various equipment and settings include microblading and micropigmentation, also known as nano brows.

However, what about ombre, powder, or feather brows?

Even once we figure out the differences between microblading, micropigmentation, and tattoos, there’s still the conundrum of feather versus powder brows or ombre vs combo brows.

However, there’s no need to get perplexed. Brow styles include feather brows and powder brows. With microblading and micropigmentation, both powder and feather brows may be created using a hand tool or a machine.

Feather Eyebrows

When an eyebrow style is called “feather brows,” it means the tattoo artist has created hair strokes in the eyebrow. Customers who desire eyebrows that seem more natural and like actual hair will look well with this design.

Brow Powder

In contrast, the artist creating a powdered effect (not hair strokes) in a powder brow style. Another name for the powder brow technique is the block or solid fill procedure.

ombre eyebrows

Powder brows and ombre brows are the same thing. They provide your eyebrows a delicate appearance, and based on the client’s taste, they may also give your eyebrows a shaded look, with the darker arch and lighter tip.

Blending Brows

In reality, combination brows are a hybrid of powder and feather brows. Another name for them is Combo Brows.

How is a tattoo of the eyebrow done?

In reality, getting an eyebrow tattoo requires one or two sessions. At first, it could even seem overwhelming, but when these sessions are through, you might be able to enjoy your newly styled eyebrows for a good eight to fifteen months—that’s right, no more need for an eyebrow kit.

1. Eyebrow Discussion

A consultation appointment is required prior to having your eyebrows inked. Some tattoo parlors provide consultations before tattoo appointments, some don’t, but our recommendation is to avoid those. Ultimately, this makeup is semi-permanent and will remain on your face for a minimum of eight months. Therefore, it becomes sense to speak with the tattoo artist to confirm the supplies and equipment they use, as well as the recommended form and color for your eyebrows.

2. Drawing the eyebrows

The day of the tattoo is actually the second phase. Usually, the tattoo artist will model the final eyebrow form around your existing one. The lines depicted illustrate what the final product will actually look like. This is the opportunity to verify with your artist if you are unsure or have just lost interest.

3. Tattoos on the eyebrows

Of course, getting an eyebrow tattoo is the most crucial step. Before beginning the treatment, some clinics employ pre-numbing. But this could make the skin stiff and puffy, making the surgery more difficult.

Alternatively, some clinics begin the operation without numbing the area, and then apply a numbing ointment after a few passes. This process has an impact on the outcome as well as increasing precision.

The primary procedure begins when the numbing lotion takes effect, which shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes. The artist then draws the customer’s selected eyebrow shape and pattern. This procedure typically takes between one and two hours.

4. Touch-up, or perfection of the eyebrows

Not to be overlooked is the touch-up session. In the first month following an eyebrow tattoo operation, the pigment usually fades somewhat. Depending on the client’s skin type and hair color, this duration varies. Consequently, in addition to the primary session, another one could be needed. The perfection or touch-up session is what this particular session is called.

In order to get the ideal eyebrow form, eyebrow touch up involves both coloring and shape adjustments.

What is the duration of an eyebrow tattoo?

The longevity of eyebrow tattoos varies based on the kind of skin used and the technique used (microblading vs. micropigmentation). Thus, in a technical sense, all of these approaches include semi-permanent makeup. Specifically, the duration of microblading method is around 8-10 months, whereas micropigmentation technique lasts approximately 12-15 months.

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