Aceroteca joins Seguin production 2023

Seguin unveils its new manufacturer. Seguin rejoiced Tuesday morning when Aceroteca Metals, LLC broke ground on a new 60,000-square-foot metal service center. The 23-acre manufacturing factory is being developed at Heideke and Seidemann Streets.

The steel industry leader commercializes flat steel and metal items in all forms and sizes.

Aceroteca COO M.C. Rogers said the firm is delighted to expand to the US. He claims they operate two facilities in Monterrey, Mexico, and are developing a third like the one in Seguin.

Rogers believes Seguin is ideal for manufacturing. It’s no surprise that three of Seguin’s five top employers are manufacturing.

“First of all, we looked at South San Antonio and Seguin and there are some pretty important factors—what I mentioned earlier, the fact that we think this is fertile ground for manufacturing growth and typically in our type of business, the sales territory is probably within a 150-to-200-mile radius, so we just think this is the right area.

I forgot to include the new steel factory at Sinton, right outside Corpus, that produces slightly under 4 million tons. “We have a relationship with the company and we are counting on them to be one of our good suppliers and that’s only a two-hour truck ride away to get steel from the mill to our facility,” Rogers said.

The firm fits Seguin perfectly

“Their business in being a metal service center really fits in well with the existing industries that we have here in Seguin so there’s not only just a lot of manufacturing, but when you dive into the types of manufacturers that we have here, there’s a lot of manufacturers involved in the steel and metal fabrication space so this company is going to be able to help a lot of our existing companies in that sector source their raw materials a little bit closer to the source.

So, they are already in conversations to add some new customers that are Seguin-based manufacturers, to add some customers that are based in the San Antonio region, and I think that’s really going to help this company grow and flourish and help our companies remain successful — having their supply chain that much closer ensures that reliability and ensures long-term success for their business,” said Schneuker.

Schneuker said Seguin’s metal service center provides steel sector technical help.

“We have a lot again of companies involved in metal fabrication in the metal and steel space, but nothing like this where this is a company really dedicated on bringing those coils of steel.

They will chop them into customer-specified parts and sell them straight to that firm. Thus, such enterprises are mostly found in San Antonio, Austin, and other big cities. Schneuker claimed it would boost the local economy.

The SEDC and greater:SATX helped Aceroteca move to Seguin. greater:SATX began collaborating with Aceroteca through the IBDC. Foreign companies entering the San Antonio market might arrive at the IBDC.

Schneuker said Aceroteca will compete with other Seguin enterprises to improve neighborhood life.

“Competitive salary. Average salaries exceed $50,000. They’ll offer health care and other advantages, which will make the town more competitive. We want more, better-paying employment in this town. Scheunker remarked, “We want quality jobs and quality of life in Seguin.”

The planned site will face Minigrip, a global maker of high-quality plastic reclosable bags for food and household storage. Schneuker thinks the city benefits from the development and investment there.

“We are going to have at least 20 jobs with this company coming here and looking at least $10 million in investment and we are also seeing a site that has really sat vacant for quite a long time—more of an infield development but it’s good to see that we are able to activate a new property, get some new money on the tax rolls and it’s really a win-win for everybody,” said Schneuker.

Aceroteca is excited to work in Seguin and join the community.

Since working on this project, I’ve had the impression that this community is business-friendly, and I mean it. “Long story short, I’ve spent most of my steel career in the Houston area and when we started to get serious about Seguin,

I had a colleague in the business who has some operations here and I called him up and said, ‘what do you think Bobby?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, you will like it here,’” said Rogers.

Aceroteca exploits Mexico’s capabilities as a service hub and trader to provide clients more cheap steel of origin. Aceroteca specializes in flat steel products for automotive, heavy industrial, commercial, HVAC, white line, metal and mechanical, and construction.

The manufacturing factory will be finished in December.

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