Aboriginal Business Roundtable visits Dubbo 2023

This month, the New South Wales Government will host the NSW Aboriginal Business Roundtable, a major event designed to cultivate connections between regional Aboriginal enterprises, local councils, and government stakeholders.

The purpose of the Dubbo-based roundtable is to give voice to the unique challenges encountered by regional Aboriginal enterprises and communities.

The theme of this year’s event, “Local Connections: Connecting Aboriginal Businesses and Local Councils,” highlights the intention to cultivate meaningful relationships, eliminate regulatory barriers, and promote economic prosperity for Aboriginal businesses across regional New South Wales.

David Harris, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaties of New South Wales, who will be present at the event, emphasized the significance of the roundtable to the Closing the Gap initiative.

“We recognize the enormous value and potential of Native American enterprises. The New South Wales government is committed to fostering an environment conducive to their success and economic expansion. By engaging with local councils and key stakeholders, we can surmount obstacles and strengthen the partnership between the government and Native American enterprises, he said.

Wiradjuri Elder Herb Smith, owner of the cultural culinary experience provider,

Opportunities to interact with local councils can be life-changing for enterprises like ours. We appreciate the NSW Government’s efforts to facilitate these connections and remove barriers to our engagement with local government, he stated.

We can promote positive change and contribute to the prosperity of our communities if we work together.

In addition to Herb Smith, the roundtable will feature a distinguished panel of presenters, each of whom will contribute distinct insights and experiences.

Phil and Cherie Thompson, the founders of Native Secrets, will discuss their efforts to preserve generational knowledge and promote interactions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous workers. Luke Kenny, chief executive officer of Local Government Procurement, will contribute his knowledge of sustainable procurement and outsourcing services.

Debbie Barwick, Chairperson of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, will contribute her vast experience in assisting Aboriginal people to enter business and advocating the advantages of self-employment. Darkeye Photography, a company wholly owned and operated by Native Americans, will share their passion for bringing visions to life.

And Phil Munro, Manager of Procurement at Dubbo Regional Council, will contribute his extensive knowledge of procurement as well as his experience working with Aboriginal enterprises and community organizations.

This event coincides with the recent publication of the Roadmap for Aboriginal Business Growth, which demonstrates the NSW Government’s commitment to providing meaningful outcomes for Aboriginal businesses, fostering growth, and establishing a supportive ecosystem.

The Roadmap for Aboriginal Business Growth is a strategic initiative of the New South Wales Government designed to support on-country Aboriginal economic development and fulfill shared commitments under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

The NSW Government has set aside $10 million to facilitate the diversification and expansion of the Aboriginal business sector in recognition of the need to assist the sector.

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