5+ Free Strategies to Rank High on Google’s First Page

Google is the ultimate tool for anyone attempting to increase organic traffic. It searches the web to find the sites that are most pertinent and helpful to its readers on almost any subject. We depend on Google’s results; we don’t merely trust them.

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It may seem impossible for a small business to appear on Google’s first page given its enormous power and influence, yet because to Google’s huge strength, small and local companies may now more easily rank highly in search results—and for free!

The significance of Google’s first page

With Knowledge Panels, answer boxes, expanded related questions, local results, and more, Google’s search results are becoming more comprehensive. Working for the top position is definitely worth the effort because there are numerous methods to stand out, especially because traffic and click-through rate both sharply decline as one moves down the search results page.

How can your business profit from being ranked on the first page?

It’s critical to comprehend the many objectives that achieving a high Google ranking might assist your company in accomplishing.

1. Become more visible

Assume you operate a physical business. Which would you prefer, having your company located on a quiet side street or the main thoroughfare that runs through the town? The major road, naturally.

Listed on Google’s top page is like having your shop on the busiest road in town, since there are 167 billion queries made there each month. Your brand will become more well-known the more people visit your website. Customers will respond more favorably to conversion initiatives the more familiar they are with your brand.

2. Produce more leads

What if you had to decide between a community with a diversified main street and a town with perfect customers? There are as many first pages on Google as there are search queries. To appear on the top page of search results for queries performed by your target clients is your aim. By doing this, customers who are looking for products online and intend to buy or interact find you. These individuals have the highest likelihood of becoming leads and clients for your company.

3. Boost involvement

Google is the first place that 81% of consumers look for information online before making a purchase, according to Adweek. Before they ever click on your result, customers may research, compare, and interact with your business using Google’s search engine results page alone. It has answer boxes, the “People also ask” area, and local results that display contact details, maps, reviews, ratings, and descriptions.

4. Increase website traffic

Answer boxes and snippets can only hold so much data. Even while a search engine results page might occasionally provide all the information a person needs, there are still certain inquiries that will always lead users to a website. Remember that a consumer may need to connect with your organization on several occasions before becoming a customer, therefore website interactions are crucial.

Not only can having your website appear on Google’s top page significantly boost traffic, but it also has significant drawbacks. As a matter of fact, 71% (or even 92%, according to some statistics) of all web traffic lands on the first page of Google, with the second page receiving only 6% of website hits. This sharp drop in website traffic demonstrates how crucial Google’s top page is.

5. Gain more clout in the field

To rank well on Google’s first page, one must consistently produce excellent content that meets the search engine’s criteria. Although it may take some time, the investment will be well worth it in terms of increased traffic and confidence.

Writing about your business and industry on a daily basis also means that you have to be aware of what your target audience is interested in reading about and the most recent developments in your field. Being included on Google’s first page is crucial since it makes it easier to create and maintain a solid knowledge base that your company can rely on.

6. Gain credibility

Google’s algorithm is made to identify information that is low-quality, dubious, and spammy. If you frequently appear on Google’s first page, it indicates that the search engine considers you to be a reliable source of information. Customers are more likely to trust brands that Google has confidence in.

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