42% of business magnates believe AI will wipe out humanity 2023

This year is about AI. AI has numerous benefits but also many drawbacks. Tech giants warn against AI. Musk, who owns Twitter and Tesla, has termed AI a threat to civilization.

CNN surveyed world-leading CEOs on AI during the Yale CEO Summit. The research found that 42% of CEOs believe AI would rule mankind in the near future.

Over 119 CEOs were surveyed.

CNN found that 42% of CEOs and top business tycoons think AI would wipe out mankind in 5–10 years. 119 CEOs from Walmart, Coca-Cola, Xerox, Zoom, and others were surveyed.

Yale Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld warned that if the poll results are accurate, it will be harmful.

A relief

The research found that 34% of CEOs thought AI may destroy mankind in 10 years, while 8% thought it could happen in 5. 58% of CEOs stated AI will never overtake humans and not to worry.

The Open AI CEO signed a document calling AI a threat to civilization before this study. Elon Musk, over a dozen Open AI leaders, including Google and Microsoft executive Geoffrey Hinton signed the letter.

Tech executives agreed that AI legislation must be created by all nations. Sam Altman, CEO of Chat GPT, recently visited India and discussed AI displacing some employment.

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