18% YoY Demand Growth and 86% Load Factor 2023

The ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) servicing Mexico, the United States, Central and South America, Controladora Vuela Compaa de Aviación, S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE: VLRS and BMV: VOLAR) (“Volaris” or “the Company”), has reported its preliminary traffic numbers for the month of April 2023.

In April 2023, the capacity of Volaris (as measured in ASMs) rose by 16.7% year-over-year, while the demand for its services (as measured in RPMs) climbed by 18.3%. As a consequence, the load factor improved by 1.1 percentage points year-over-year, reaching 85.8%.

Apr 2023Apr 2022VarianceYTD Apr 2023YTD Apr 2022Variance
RPMs (million, scheduled & charter)
Domestic1,9661,8049.0 %7,5126,69912.1 %
International88660745.9 %3,4062,44039.6 %
Total2,8512,41118.3 %10,9189,14019.5 %
ASMs (million, scheduled & charter)
Domestic2,2552,03810.7 %8,7927,72013.9 %
International1,07081131.9 %4,0213,19026.1 %
Total3,3252,84916.7 %12,81310,90917.4 %
Load Factor (%, scheduled,RPMs/ASMs)
Domestic87.2 %88.5 %(1.4) pp85.4 %86.8 %(1.3) pp
International82.8 %74.9 %7.9 pp84.7 %76.5 %8.2 pp
Total85.8 %84.6 %1.1 pp85.2 %83.8 %1.4 pp
Passengers (thousand, scheduled & charter)
Domestic2,2682,1376.1 %8,7087,81311.5 %
International61143839.6 %2,3581,75134.7 %
Total2,8792,57511.8 %11,0669,56415.7 %

When compared to April 2022, Volaris transported 11.8% more passengers during the month, bringing the total number to 2.9 million. Demand went up by 9.0% in the Mexican domestic market and by 45.9% in the foreign market.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Volaris, Enrique Beltranena, stated that the company had a solid load factor in the month of April, with a particularly robust performance in its overseas markets. On the domestic market, we are seeing strong volumes continue to come in.”

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