Which MDM software is best? 2023

Due to the fact that most businesses are generating unprecedented quantities of data, it has become vital for them to learn how to utilize it effectively.

Master data management (MDM) assists organizations in ensuring that their data is accurate, dependable, consistent, and shareable across the enterprise and value chain. However, selecting an MDM solution is not always simple, and businesses must consider numerous factors.

PeerSpot research has been used by over 540,000 professionals to inform their purchasing decisions. Its most recent paper examines the top-rated MDM software vendors, profiling each and analyzing what they can offer enterprises.

Governance of Master Data within SAP

Average Rating: 7.9

Informatics MDM is a premier competitor.

Overview: Simplifies the integration of SAP and third-party supplier data sources. The solution supports purification, standardization, duplicate record detection, and calculation of the best record. It then enables businesses to synchronize clean, standardised data across cloud and on-premise applications.

MDS Microsoft

Average Rating: 7.6

Informatics MDM is a premier competitor.

Overview: Enables users to organize and manage a company’s master data set into models, as well as create protocols for updating the data and govern who can modify it. Additionally, the primary dataset can be shared with other organization members via Excel.


Average Rating: 7.8

Informatics MDM is a premier competitor.

Overview: Aids organizations in avoiding silos with a unified approach to administering enterprise-wide data assets.

IBM InfoSphere MDM System

Average Score: 8.0

Informatics MDM is a premier competitor.

Comprehensive, proved, and potent MDM solution with collaborative and operational capabilities. The solution manages master data for a single or multiple domains and enhances the efficacy of applications and business processes.

MDMCenter Riversand

Average Rating: 8.3

Informatics MDM is a premier competitor.

Helps forward-thinking businesses uncover the value of their data and make more intelligent business decisions.

Oracle Relational Data Management

Average Rating: 10.0

Informatics MDM is a premier competitor.

Helps manage master data changes across operational, analytical, and enterprise performance management divisions. In addition, it provides master data that is timely, accurate, and consistent to support operational execution, business intelligence, and performance management.

SAP Hybris PCM

Average Rating: 8.0

Informatica PIM is the top competitor.

Overview: Provides a collaborative environment for product managers, pricers, and marketers to develop and publish consumer experiences that are abundant in content. With all business and product content in a single location, businesses can provide consumers with seamless omni-channel experiences and bring new products to market quickly and easily.

Talend MDM System

Average Rating: 7.0

Informatics MDM is a premier competitor.

Integrates real-time data, applications, and processes with hierarchy management, role-based security, workflow-based data stewardship, and built-in data quality to mature MDM initiatives.

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