3 corporate communication clever terms 2023

Business communication is crucial. The appropriate words may help you communicate, demonstrate competence, and build relationships.

Smart business language may improve your communication and create a lasting impact on colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

This post will cover 10 clever business terms that can improve your professional relationships and assist you navigate the corporate world.


Synergy is when numerous things work together to provide a bigger effect than their individual ones.

This term shows you understand teamwork and can use varied abilities to attain goals. Talking synergistically shows you value cooperation and can maximize potential.


Businesses thrive on innovation and disruption. A “disruptive” concept or product disrupts conventions and opens new doors. It shows your forward-thinking and desire to question the established quo.


Paradigms are different notions or patterns that underpin a worldview or belief system. This term shows you can question assumptions. Paradigms demonstrate critical thinking and openness to new ideas.

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